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Why Not Play Roulette for Free?

A subtle game with Roman origins that excites and enthralls any player that takes it on, roulette is interesting, to say the least. It’s a game of chance like no other. If you’re feeling up for it, why not play roulette for free online. It has changed throughout time, dating back hundreds of years. First of all, let’s look at its origins.

If you look back to the times of Julius Caesar, times were difficult. A time of intense battles. To keep morale high, they needed some form of entertainment. Much like in the film Gladiator, games kept the soldiers and mob crowd happy.

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Flash forward to today and a similar non-violent version takes centre stage. Back in those times, soldiers prepared for battle in the day. However, by night when the swords were down, they utilised the shields for a different reason. Not as a weapon, but as an instrument or makeshift wheel.

The table with the ball spinning today in Las Vegas took a different path. From the early traces of the Baroque period, the game we know and love was created. With numbers going all the way up to 36 from 1, people place the bets on where it will land once spun by the dealer.

Understanding the rules of Roulette

This is a fun game with simple rules However, it might be better, to begin with, if you play roulette for free. In the 19th century, brothers Blanc made a little change that’s forever etched in our brain. See after numbers 1-36, you need a different number to create further mystery.

The difference lies with the zero number. Put your bets anywhere you like, but if it lands in the magical zero you lose everything. After discovering the wonders of New Orleans in the United States, inspiration struck the siblings and the zero was born. Nowadays, modern casinos go one step further, by using the double zero.

Our Favourite Roulette Tables

This nifty little invention creates a buzz in any room, making roulette a truly exciting game for any casino lover. Because of the double zero, the house edge increases. So there you have it, two versions that adorn casinos all around the world. The American version created later, and the French version which is even more popular, particularly in Europe. This is because of the different varieties in numbers you can select.

Play Roulette for Free American Style

A popular game in many casinos, the double zero is dreaded but there are many ways to win too. The numbers are split so you can get lots of combinations to beat the house. Separated by inside and outside bets too, any player can bet on multiple areas such as odds or evens, numbers of any kind or colours red and black.

Take a massive risk if you approach the game with a daredevil attitude by placing your bets on 0 and 00. Nevertheless, many players safely avoid this, because the odds are so high against them.

One way to beat the house and remain on a hot streak is by taking up a strategy. Most choose to bet big after losing a stake, while the James Bond strategy to add chips across all the tables is a popular choice.

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Why Not Go French

The difference with the French table is obviously by ignoring the zero. This is very important to many players, who prefer the steady option over the riskier American style. Likewise, there are differences based on the table too, with the layout slightly different due to the outside bets arrangement.

In the French version, there are some notable differences, which include En Prison, where you can make another bet if they end up making a zero. Alternatively, La Partage helps you out if you were unfortunate enough to set up camp on the zero previously, therefore only losing 50% from the wager. Play roulette for free is the best option with this version.